My first movie :)

me and some buddies have written a script for my very first movie. at the moment we are getting ready to record it and we are practicing. its not some rockhopper island movie or horrow movie, but we all enjoyed writing the script and that stuff so we’re gogin to do it. honestly i think it would be a better series then a movie but whatever. anyway it should be pu ton my youtube channel withing a week or so.


100 subs party!

im getting veyr close to a 100 subs 🙂 once i get to 100 subs im gogin to have a party. my wish is to have at leats 15 penguins there (consdiering my parties usually failed..) but now thta i have 97 subcribers on youtube i have a feeling at least 15 penguins will show up 🙂 subscribe to me at

freesing party

earleir me ad bubblegum423 were on sleet when she saw freesing! (aka screenhog) he was at the lighthouse, so we stayed with him, he added us both! anyway we moved onto hsi igloo weer we all chatted and danced, then moved to the cove aand hidden cave to swim, then the big ocean place thingy for members, we all chalenged him to a game and we played fire jitsu! i beta him he beta me, i have to admit it screenhog didnt do so great (until of course he beat everyone in one game)

new party?

well last night i was thinking about the old cp conversation i had yesterday. well i wanted to knwo if u guys think i should have another party, and old cp party. anyone who comes must wear there oldest items.  answer the poll with your answer 

puffle park?!

a week or so ago i emailed cp saying that they should have a puffle park, where us penguins could bring our puffles ansd have them play with other puffles and there could be things for each puffle. well a few days later cp emialed back saying somethgin like it was a cool idea and the guy emialing me was gonna suggest it, usually cp just says “oh ya, thanks for the idea” but for some reason i have a good feelign about the puffle park. and u cna say wat u want but i really do think they r considering it. answer my poll if ud like to see a puffle park or not

old cp :(

i just had a tlak with a guy on cp who hadnt been on for three years, and we talked about the older cp, the tour guide place in the plaza no stage,forest,cove or new dojo. lime green was just being picked, it beat some purple. now i miss the old cp, all the clothign items and home items. before disney… was nice. noone tried hacking (well not alot anyway..) and ppl actually had to imagine stuff. now cp has like 80 new games and like 10 new places…..oh well i guess the newer cp is nice to

new featured penguin/igloo

hey guys u should check out the new featured igloo and penguin of the week